Anne & David

“A big thank you to you George, for helping my husband and I through our marriage difficulties.
We are now communicating better, confronting our problems, understanding each others perspective on things way better!!

We check in with each other now to make sure we are on track and check in with you as well to monitor our progress.

The thing is, that we are feeling much happier with your support. Thanks again George”


“Sometimes someone unexpected comes into my life out of nowhere, turns it around for the better and changes me forever. George is one such person, who came into my life in March 2020. I was undergoing a great deal of turmoil in my personal life and was introduced to him at the same clinic where I was seeing a psychologist. From that very first meeting and numerous counselling sessions since then, this is what I’d like to say:- George is the very reason that I feel welcome, seen, heard, valued and supported.

He demonstrates great compassion at all times and inquires frequently about my welfare. His duty of care is outstanding.
I highly recommend anyone who feels lost, lonely and in despair, that George is most certainly the person for you to reach out to. Like myself, you will discover what George has taught me.

That is, I cannot go back and change the beginning, but I can start where I am, and change the ending. Thank you, George, for all your wisdom and support, now and into the future.”


“George helped me immensely when I was going through anxiety. Even after one session I felt relieved
that I had someone I could talk to who could help me. He taught me how to relieve my anxiety and I felt comfortable that he understood and cared.

Thank you George from the bottom of my heart. I feel so much stronger now for the future.”

George Brun Counselling